Push Button Lock Pros And Cons

Security is high on the list of priorities for most homeowners who are concerned for the welfare of their families and the protection of their property. A whole raft of innovations and advancements in security technology have been introduced in recent years, and amongst the many refinements has come the push button lock. This lock is in many ways far superior and convenient than the conventional keyed ones but also has certain disadvantages associated with it, as products, especially security products, that provide convenience often have a downside too. Having a quick look at the pros and cons of a push button lock will help to clarify these issues.

Push button locks are keyless locks that keep you free from the hassles of managing the keys that accompany manual locks. They gives complete ease of use as they close or open just at the push of a button and a code dial in. Some push button locking systems allow all the doors and windows connected to the main lock switch to be easily locked just be activating the main lock thus reducing the tedious effort of locking them all manually. A variety of such locks is available in the market including the push button door lock and push button combination lock.

Push button door locks are quite secure and helpful options when more than two members of the family remain out for school or work. Unlike duplicating the keys for an ordinary lock for all members, a personalized pin for each member to the keyless lock can prove much easier. The pin can easily be memorized and this way it removed the potential headache of changing the locks every time a key is lost or misplaced. However, there is the possibility that family members, especially children going to school, could forget the pin or might pass on the pin to strangers; initializing a new pin is the solution in this case.

Push Button LockKeyless locks can prove to be a good deterrent against burglaries and robberies, which is another reason for having them installed at residential and office complexes. Only a sight of these secured locks could make them change their mind. However, an attached drawback could be that by gauging the pressure felt while pressing the buttons of the lock, a seasoned thief might be able to figure out the pin. This is more likely to be the case if discount push button door locks for example are sourced instead of identifying a quality model and professional installation.

These locks are often equipped with a feature known as an “autolock” system where the door will close and lock up again automatically once opened up by the owner. This function is highly useful in situations when the owner forgets to close the door due to some urgency or just plain haste or forgetfulness. These keyless locks take much of the burden of the responsibility for keeping you and your family safe and secure. For people with special needs or those in older age, they have proved to be a blessing as they do negate the need and worry associated with managing a collection of keys and matching up the right one with the manual lock.

Another significant advantage of a push button lock is that it tends to work very well as a locking system when installed in areas where large amount of people need to gain access to a building, such as an apartment complex or office complex. This will totally eliminate the use of keys and keeping records of thousands of keys. A simple code for this kind of a lock would give the user access and at the same time management will rest assured about the complex’s security.

However, against these pros a possible disadvantage associated with them may arrive in the event of power failure. If the lock is electronic, the entire system may potentially go down and this could pose a health and safety threat to the house and family. A good safety measure in such a situation would be to have a battery backup which does come integral to many models.

The simplex push button lock was one of the first keyless locks that offered the ability to unlock a lock by pressing numbered buttons thereby eliminating problems associated with the issuance, control, and collection of keys. Simplex designed such locks for light residential and commercial purposes.

Taking in to account all the pros and cons of the push button locking system it can be concluded that overall it has some really useful benefits compared with the conventional key lock. It provides a secure alternative to mechanical key control to enter doors. Going down this route will mean no more digging in purse or briefcase and no more running around for the keys at the level of the individual and a cost effective and efficient access solution for large corporations alike.

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