Electronic And Mechanical Push Button Locks Buying Guide

Home and office safety are two very important concerns in these days of increasing crime rates. Putting the safety issue aside for a moment, conventional locks pose a challenge of flexibility and convenience when it comes to distributing keys to several users. A significant step forward in locking technology, push button locks have addressed several of these problems. To use such a lock, you are required to enter a pin into the keypad which is attached on the door handle, knob or fitted beside it. Once the correct pin is entered, access is provided into the house or office. Then you can either close the door shut or it will automatically shut itself on which the lock will set again. Since these locks do not provide any hole, often the biggest aid to unlawful entry; the bump key trick is left useless with these locks. They come in various shapes, sizes, with a range of features and prices. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Simple process

You just need to remember the pin. Even children or elderly people can use a push button lock. You do not have to worry about the pin being stolen. Even if the pin is leaked, you do not have to remove the lock from the door; instead, just follow the steps explained by the installing agent, and you can configure the new pin in minutes. The process really is very quick with most of these locks.

Mechanical and electronic systems

Typically, push button locks come in two varieties, mechanical and electronic. The electronic ones have to be connected to an external power supply, while mechanical push button locks work independently as their name suggests though both these systems work in much the same way internally. Push Button LocksWith electronic locks, you can configure a number of pin codes thus it qualifies to be used in high traffic area where there is frequent opening and closing of the door. Mechanical locks are considered easier to handle and maintain than the electronic version. The electronic locks offer more features and varieties however. They offer even more combinations of pin codes for better security. Though in case of complete power failure, you will not be able to open an electronic push button lock. However, most of the electronic locks come fitted with a back up battery for emergency use. Mechanical locks are less prone to faults and more long lasting as their system is completely based on manual working.

Flexibility, convenience and settings

Some advanced push button combination locks allow you to set timings for automatic locking. You may leave the garage door open and set it to automatic locking at night at 11 pm, while to remain open throughout the day once opened. You can allow entry through a certain pin code for a fixed time period, while restricting entry at other times. These locks can be configured in a way that opening the main lock will open a series of linked locks. If you want to link the door and windows locking system, these locks work best.


Prices vary according to the features of the locks and their size. Larger size locks with more the features will certainly cost you more than a simple one. For a simple home solution, the electronic push button door lock would cost around $200 including installation. However, if you are looking for apartments, complexes or big offices, the price will increase while the installation charges would also add up according to the complexity of the system. This cost could go over $1000 as well.

Get rid of keys

You do not have to distribute replicated keys to several incumbents of a house, office or apartment. Just distribute the pin code to the users, and they can get access inside without any hassle. In case the pin code is leaked or you doubt its secrecy for any reason, just reconfigure the pin code and you are in safe zone again. You do not even have to carry the burden of keys; rather, quit worrying about forgotten keys. Experience will tell most of us that sometimes when you distribute too many keys, it becomes difficult to keep track of them.

Easy availability and installation

Push button door locks are easily available in several brick and mortar stores or even online. You can buy them right from the comfort of your home and have them installed without even lifting a tool. If you’ve got a simple lock, then you can install it yourself in 30 minutes, though you might need professional help for complex systems.

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