Rating Of Different Home Security Systems

There are more than a few different home security systems you can install onto your custom home to help protect your family.  However, with all of the different types of systems, it is easy to see how it can be hard to make a final decision on the type you purchase.  Using a basic home security systems rating, you can easily see how the different types stack up against one another.  The ratings are based on how protected your family would be if a criminal entered into your home while you are physically present.

Fake Exterior Surveillance Cameras

These types of cameras are the worst option you can have inside of your home when a burglar breaks in.  If you install dummy CCTV cameras, and the burglars notice them but still choose to enter into your home, you no longer have a line of defense.  Fake security cameras only work when the burglars are actually deterred by the thought of going to jail.  Because some criminals are incredible risk takers or are able to identify the cameras for what they are, these are the lowest rated home security systems.

Home Security SystemsDoor And Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are a great way to alert the authorities to someone attempting to break into your home.  However, with the rise of false alarms over the last few years, more and more companies are being forced to determine whether the alarm is real or not.  During a home invasion, these are precious seconds that could mean the difference between your family being safe or not.

Two Way Communications

Two way communication systems are excellent for home security and for keeping your family safe while you are inside the home.  When someone breaks into the house and the alarm monitoring services are notified, they will be able to listen to the audio inside of your home.  If they notice noises that are out of place, they can quickly alert the authorities.  This makes two way communicators some of the best home security defense you can purchase.

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