Safe Roof Means a Safe Santa Landing

When is the last time you cleaned the outside of your home? Don’t lie.  Many people don’t think to clean the outside of their homes more than once every few years even though it needs it as much or more than inside your home. This is especially true if you have a lot of material or surface that could mold, shows dirt or is more likely to freeze or be affected by the elements.  In order to keep your house looking and performing at its best it should be cleaned and maintained on the outside at least once a year, maybe even twice.

Gutters, siding, sidewalks, weeds, window cleaning, repainting and repairs need to be taken care of frequently in order to make sure that your home lasts for as long as you need it to and will resell when it is time to move on.   One way to ensure your home is properly taken care of is to be sure that it is protected from both the extreme hot and cold temperatures in your area.  Hot temperatures can cause mold to grown faster, can expand areas of your home that aren’t meant to be expanded and cause a number of other issues to occur both outside and inside your home.

Please Don’t Cancel Christmas!

Cold weather temperatures can also cause problems including the freezing of pipes, electric lines, gutters and drains. When these things freeze, clogs, improper functioning of circuits, cracking and breaking can and often does occur.  Before temperatures drop low enough you may also want to consider cleaning out your chimney or your kids, or your 23 year old roommate who still believes in Santa, may be sorely disappointed when he doesn’t show up this year because your roof is impossible to land on.

One way to ensure that Christmas doesn’t get cancelled this year is by adding a heat cable outside of your home anywhere that freezing temperatures may harm equipment.  Heat cables, such as this work to register when snow and freezing rain is occurring to protect your gutter, drains, and other temperature sensitive equipment by monitoring the weather and then heating the cable so that neither freezing nor combustion occur.

Most of these types of temperature regulated systems additionally come with guarantees from both the manufacturers and installing company and use high class materials to provide you with the best services and quality products the first time around.  By Heidi Rothert



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