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When individuals consider means of securing their homes, apartments or places of business, the first ideas that generally come to mind are improved locks on doors, outdoor lighting, alarm systems and surveillance cameras. As entrances into homes or businesses, doors often receive the bulk of the attention. Windows, on the other hand, are frequently overlooked. Ensuring that windows – especially those at ground level – are properly secured is an important component of property protection that should not be underestimated. Security bars for windows provide a straightforward, reliable and relatively inexpensive means of securing all windows of your home or business.

There are several different types of window security bars, all of which meet varying security criteria. While some individuals will wish to focus on preventing intruders from entering through the windows, others may be more interested in ensuring the safety of their children, by preventing them from exiting, either deliberately or accidentally, through those same windows. Others still will have both functions in mind. Choosing the right security bars for windows involves identifying your needs and being informed about what is available. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the salient features of window security bars. They will also discuss some of the products currently available for purchase. While the products discussed herein do not represent an exhaustive list, they should help to provide the reader with an accurate perspective, so that an informed purchase may eventually be made.

There are two basic types of window security bar. The first is a single bar, often adjustable, that is positioned between the window and its frame. This type of bar literally prevents the window from being opened. It is intended to work with sliding windows only. Windows that hinge will not be protected by this type of bar. The second type of window security bar is a form of grid that is attached to the window frame. Often featuring several bars, depending upon the size of the window, this set up is generally more permanent in nature, and does not prevent the window from being opened for fresh air. The presence of the bars themselves is what should, in theory, prevent accidents or intrusions from occurring.

As previously mentioned, single bars are the most basic and generally the most inexpensive option for window security. Options to look for while shopping include whether or not the bar is adjustable, what material the bar is made from, its general appearance, and additional features. An adjustable bar is the most versatile option, since it will fit numerous sizes of window frames, and can be used in varying circumstances. Even more versatile are security bars for windows and doors, which can be used interchangeably on both sliding windows and sliding patio doors. Single security bars should be made of a sturdy and durable material that will not buckle or weaken under pressure. Remember that even if you are looking for decorative security bars for windows, in either single or multiple bar form, they must serve their primary purpose: That of preventing your windows from being used as illicit entranceways into your home. Steel is probably the most effective material, and also the most popular for products currently available for purchase.

Some examples of single window security bars currently available on the market include the J.H. Smith Company Adjustable Window Security Bar and the Master Lock 266D Window and Patio Door Lock with Alarm. While both products are extremely affordable, the former is the least expensive option. The J.H. Smith Company product is adjustable and made of sturdy steel. It has a basic and functional look, with a white shaft and rubber ends to protect the surfaces of both window and frame. This product has received mixed reviews from customers; while some have been 100% satisfied with its performance, others have found that, despite its steel shaft, the bar is not able to withstand excessive pressure.

The Master Lock 266D Window and Patio Door Lock with Alarm is, as its name suggests, a more complex and versatile product. Not only does it have a wide enough adjustable range to work on both windows and doors, it features a pressure-activated alarm, which sounds a high-pitched siren when triggered. The alarm is battery-powered, which may be viewed as an advantage or as a disadvantage. This lock also has a heavy-duty appearance that clearly states its alarm-sounding capabilities. While some consumers may object to its appearance, conspicuous alarms and locks are often effective deterrents for potential thieves and intruders.

Security Bars For Windows

John Sterling 3Bar Fixed Window Guard

There is also a great variety of multiple bar setups available for purchase. Due to the fact that they use considerably more material, these products will cost slightly more than the ones previously discussed. Nonetheless, they are still extremely affordable and effective. Look for the same criteria as listed above. Some basic products, at the lower end of the price spectrum, are those by John Sterling. The 3 Bar Fixed Window Guard is approved by the New York City Department of Health for non-sleeping rooms. This brand also features five and eight bar varieties. The Window Security Guard Burglar Bars is a slightly more expensive product with some additional features. These features include a hinging attachment, allowing the bar mount to be opened inwards if necessary, and a padlock fixture that allows it to be locked into place.

With fixed window guards, it is important to remember to take measurements before making a purchase. Since they are not adjustable they will need to meet the specific requirements of every individual window frame. In addition, emergency escape exits should be easily accessible at all times. Be sure to identify your emergency exits before beginning installation.

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