Top Security Guard Companies Reviewed

There are a multitude of scenarios in which individuals or organizations may require security guard services. Because demand for security guards is so high, the challenge lies not in finding security guard companies to meet one’s needs, but determining which, of the many, will be the most appropriate and effective, given the specific nature of the job. Some of the key points to identify during your search will include issues such as what specific services are offered by each security guard company, how each company goes about training its employees, and each company’s reputation within the industry, as well as among past and present clients. Conducting a survey and comparison of the top security guard companies can help to determine what makes each individual company stand out.

While law enforcement officers are present for public safety and to ensure that day to day operations within municipalities run smoothly, they are not available to cater to the specific security requirements of individuals and businesses. Security guard companies exist to cater to those other, more specific security needs. Generally privately-owned and operated, each company will function according to its own priorities, and to the demands of its clients. In addition, the best companies will be certified in their state or states of operation, and will operate according to those standards. Some examples of settings that might require the regular employment of a security guards company include the following: Financial institutions, construction sites, retail outlets, office and other corporate buildings, residential facilities, and parking facilities. Another form of security service often sought out is that of personal protection, such as bodyguards or guards at private functions or gatherings.

All of the situations and settings listed above require services of slightly differing natures. While some security positions are relatively passive in nature, but require excellent interaction and public relations skills, others are more proactive and may include an alarm monitoring service for example. Armed security guards require additional training, and would ideally have previous experience in law enforcement. Taking all of these points into consideration will help you to navigate the information listed below, and to conduct further inquiries on your own. Please note that companies listed herein are listed in no particular order, and do not comprise an exhaustive list of options. This article is intended to give an overview of the most salient features of each of the companies listed, in order to give consumers an idea of what to look for and how to search.


While some home owners and businesses prefer to work with uniquely American companies or companies that work on a more local basis, others will wish to go with the most recognizable names. Securitas is not only one of the biggest security guard companies in the United States, but throughout the world, with over 280,000 employees in 45 countries. A publicly-owned company, Securtias’ business practices and mandates are easily accessible on the web. The advantages of going with such a large company include a guarantee of the most advanced services in all fields, the broadest scope of services offered, be they specialized guarding, aviation security, or remote alarm monitoring, and the assurance that all services will necessarily be standardized in order to meet the requirements of the company as a whole.

Security Guard CompaniesUS Security Associates

US Security Associates has been in operation since 1955, and is the fourth largest security provider in the United States. It is a uniformed security guard service that caters to residential communities and other industries of varying natures, from retail loss and prevention to government facilities. This firm is particularly proud of its service in the retail sector, and has developed an impressive program to serve this industry. Serving over 3,000 clients with 140 branch offices and over 30,000 employees, this company guarantees quality assurance management across the board by being certified by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO. US Security Associates boasts a record of 97% customer satisfaction and 94% customer retention. It fully guarantees all of its employees, and uses the USA Security Academy online resource to provide standardized training.

Arrow Security

Based out of New York but serving the entire country, Arrow Security is another well-established private security guards provider. Arrow’s scope is large, providing franchise opportunities across the country, and offering specialized services to virtually every industry. Arrow helps customers to develop a security program that meets their needs and works with their budgets. Recognizing that due to size and other factors, not every business will have the same requirements, Arrow has developed a system of tiered services: Platinum, gold and silver. While the silver package provides the basic essential security services for low-risk situations, the platinum package features the highest level of trained guards, mobile patrolling, and onsite inspection services. Arrow also offers customized services to those clients whose needs do not fit within the parameters of the packages listed above. For those wishing to price out companies before making formal inquiries, Arrow offers an online quote option, designed to provide a ballpark figure according to general information entered.

USPA Nationwide Security

The USPA Nationwide Security Company, formerly called the US Protection Agency, is another broad-scope security guards company that is based in New York, but provides services across the United States. Not only does this company provide traditional guard services such as uniformed attendants, armed guards and event security; it also offers specialized services such as bodyguards, private investigations, interviewing and interrogation, and even computer forensics. Boasting a number of high-profile clients in various fields, including McDonalds and 7-11 in the commercial industries, and working with governmental agencies, counties and municipalities across the nation, USPA Nationwide Security’s quality of service is reflected in said clientele. In addition to its guard services, its training facility is a certified security guard training school that serves not only its own employees, but those of other guarding companies. As opposed to offering franchise opportunities, USPA operates the Certified Contractor Program, so that sub-contractors must undergo a rigorous screening and certification process in order to operate under the auspices of their parent company. As with Arrow, USPA offers a quick quote option on its website.

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