Security Lock Boxes: Product & Features Guide

Effectively securing possessions has become a fine art over the years. Where simple security lock boxes, basically metal or strong wooden compartments with key locks, were once considered sufficient to keep important papers and valuables in the proper place, sophisticated solutions have been sought by consumers to address specific needs. As we will see below, specially designed mechanisms are now available to address security needs in every business and personal setting. Companies who design, manufacture, and sell security equipment continually improve the features on lock boxes and safes for every application in response to criminals who continually violate physical boundaries.

The Brinks home security lock box comes in a variety of styles including a strong box that has both a combination and keyed lock, but does not provide protection from fire. For the next level of protection Brinks home fire safes are available in multiple sizes and styles to meet simple and complex needs to protect valuables in the home. Steel construction, with insulated sides and lid, they provide excellent protection for the contents of the safe from water and fire. Each model from Brinks addresses a different security need from document boxes, wall-mounted safes, free-standing fire boxes to small flat, portable fire boxes. If a simple lock box is not sufficient, a more elaborate security safe from Brinks will. Brinks also offers larger safes to address business needs in offices, factories, churches, and banks for example.

Another model, the Aries security lock box was designed for transporting valuables and is made of 16-gauge carbon diamond steel plate. This design includes a universal sleeve for secure mounting in the car, boat, home, or office. The low profile of the box allows mounting under a car or boat seat, within a console, in the trunk of a vehicle, or against any interior wall of a building. Obscure mounting locations increase the security level for the box since it will be out of sight and difficult to find. Multiple sleeves can be purchased for the box if it is to be transported between locations, allowing the box to be secured in transit and at the destination. The custom sleeve is mounted permanently and the lock box is secured in the sleeve and locked into place. A dual-lock system secures the box from break-in and unauthorized removal from the sleeve. The egg-crate interior prevents the contents from bumping around the interior allowing for safe transport of the most delicate valuables. All mounting hardware is included with the security lock box and sleeve.

Security Lock BoxesVCR DVR security lock boxes are designed specifically to secure electronic components that are part of a surveillance system. Security cameras record every movement within the field of view, and the images are recorded on the VCR or more often these days on the DVR (digital video recorder). If the perpetrator can find and remove the DVR, your security system cannot help the police solve the crime. Typically, a steel-frame construction will include a mounting bracket that can be located on top surfaces, hidden away on the underside of a table or equally on a wall as a DVR does not have to remain upright. The strength of the box is essential to ensure that no one can penetrate the armor even with armed with a crow bar. While protecting the equipment, air must be able to move through the box to regulate the temperature on this piece of equipment so that its continuous operation is not affected. Side and rear panels are vented and a pre-installed fan removes the heat generated by the equipment. Most models allow access to the front of the DVR through a front door that opens independently to allow settings to be adjusted without completely removing the DVR.

Another very specific use is performed by laptop security lock boxes, constructed of steel and with foam-padded interiors that protects the laptop from destructive jarring in transit. Portability is the greatest selling point for a laptop, but securing the equipment has presented challenges. This box can be mounted in a standing position behind the seat of any vehicle and secured through the surface mounting bracket with a standard locking bicycle cable. Heavy hinges secure the door of the laptop box and a keyed lock protects the laptop from unauthorized removal. Advances in identity theft have made laptop security more important than ever.

Every security company researches market needs and tried to anticipate the next evolution in criminal activity. The strategy resembles the most complex board game imaginable because deflecting creative criminal techniques prior to the next strike requires involvement in every sector and industry. Information gathered from current customers and police departments provides the information required to develop new products. Being aware of progress in each industry highlights new product needs that may not have existed just six months prior. Security requirements at home, in transit, and for security system components have evolved quickly in response to the market demands and will continue to do so.

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