Choosing High Security Safes For The Best Protection

Customers looking to protect valuable property, information, or family heirlooms from burglars or accidents have the option of purchasing security safes for extensive, guaranteed preservation.  Dozens of companies manufacture high quality home security safes as well as individual custom orders, so the number of options available on the market can meet any personal security need.  Unlike banks or storage units, high security safes give the convenience of goods nearby without sacrificing any capability or durability.  A security safe can cost anywhere between five hundred and ten thousand dollars, with size and individual specification being the difference in prices.

While simple locking cabinets are an economical and practical approach to home protection, they are easily broken into by brute force or tools, while providing no protection against fire or flooding.  A home security safe, on the other hand, is designed and manufactured to resist both environmental damage as well as human intrusion.  Whether you are storing valuable jewelry, guns, or personal information, safes are an investment for both home and businesses that are unrivaled at resisting all potential sources of damage or theft.

The average home intrusion by robbers lasts less than five minutes and is simply known as “snatch and grab” due to the tactic employed; the majority of robbers have a narrow window before detection and cannot invest more time into a break in without being caught.  Security SafesAs such, merely having a secure safe deters the overwhelming majority of all robberies.  All safes are theoretically not invincible, but even the time required to crack a combination puts an intruder in a position where they are extremely likely to be detected.  Safe companies sponsor annual contests to measure time responses of “safe busters”.  The average time required by professionals to break into a high quality model can be upwards of fifteen minutes, far too much time for a thief to commit to for fear of apprehension.

Of course, not all personal information or valuable items need to be protected from simple theft.  Fire damage remains one of the greatest causes of business loss, especially businesses in high-risk areas (such as dense population or dry climates).  Fire constantly provides a threat to company information; eight business buildings in the United States alone are consumed by a fire every hour.  Over two billion dollars worth of damage is racked up each year from fire damage, yet the majority of businesses decide not to invest in adequate protection.  A high yield security safe provides all the necessary protection and can pay for itself in the case of an accident; fifteen percent of companies suffering fire damage experience a drop in credit rating while nearly half cannot continue daily operations.

Similarly, flood damage can completely wipe out large-scale operations where a fire would only have minimal results.  Flooding is much rarer than fires, yet businesses and homes may be located in floodplains or hurricane paths without even possessing insurance for the event.  Water damage renders documents unreadable or invalid while warping, staining, or simply washing away valuables.  A business or home security safe is entirely airtight and can resist water pressure.

Many individuals who own firearms find that gun security safes are the best investment they can make for their hobby.  Safety, especially in households with young children, is paramount to owning any gun.  Assemblies and racks are home safe security features for gun owners, allowing secure storage of guns, parts, and ammunition without fear of intrusion or damage.  Domestic models tend to have the most capability for firearms; American Security safes, for example, offers a full range of products with equipment especially meant for storage of pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Another secure storage option to consider is a vertical or lateral file cabinet fitted with a lock and made of forged metal. These are specifically designed to hold paper documents securely; the level of security is of course entirely dependent on the nature of the locking mechanism. You may also be interested in reading about these classic safe options,

1. A rifle safe or locking case for your firearms. Try not to be tempted by the option that looks the prettiest if you are thinking about a gun cabinet, always prioritize security over aesthetics.
2. A biometric safe which typically takes the form of a fingerprint safe for added security.
3. A hidden wall safe option. Alternatively, you could look at a very low cost but surprisingly effective option – hiding some of your valuables in an empty can and placing this in your larder, or cutting a compartment inside a book and adding it to your bookshelf.

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