Metal Security Screen Door For Home Safety

A security screen door could be the perfect solution to your home security concerns.  Not only can a security screen door enhance the safety of your home and family, but it can also be a beautiful decorative addition.  Security screen doors can be found in a variety of styles and designs to accommodate nearly all your needs whether you need arcadia (or patio), double or single doors.  You also have the option of using tempered safety glass, which is effective in fighting damage from insect, pets, the sun, or other weather phenomenon.  If you have the need, you can also add pet, sunscreens, or even a pet door.

Although a security door screen may be made of commercial grade aluminum, you may also find many made of steel or metal.  If you would prefer steel security screen doors, you have many of the custom options available to you that you would find with aluminum screen doors.  As you choose your steel door, you may want to look for certain features such as 24-gauge galvanized steel perforated mesh as it provides extra security.  The steel frames should ideally be between one and a fourth or one and a half inch wide with half-inch steel tubular pickets as well as complete welding at the pickets.  Powder coating and mesh will help with greater durability for your security doors and screens.

A metal security screen door is most often made from thin aluminum with the strongest window screens composed of extruded aluminum.  This material is quite thick and resilient towards bending, but even if they are bent, they are still difficult to take apart.  It is still possible for you to unbend a rail with a little effort.  Many window screens are also made from roll formed aluminum, which is easier to fix and straighten than extruded aluminum.  As you may have guessed, these types of metal screen frames may suffer a little abuse over time.

Good quality safety doors for home use should detail the testing they have been subjected to. For example, how it has performed when attempts are made to force the hinge or otherwise pry the door. Static and dynamic force testing are also used to test the integrity of metal security screen doors for homes which involve subjecting them to a pulling force away from the frame. You might also want to consider whether the frame has been treated with a rust-proof powder to protect against corrosion.

Security Screen Door

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Another factor to consider is if you need your security doors to swing or slide.  Should you prefer a swinging door, you may still take in all the above-mentioned needs and think about others such as the type of locks you prefer how much ventilation the door should provide or does the door lever handle perform both internally and externally.  A sliding security screen door has a few differences in that you have options such as interlock or post vertical lock, steel roller bearing wheels and narrow frames that may retrofit into your already existing glass doorframe.  A security sliding screen door may also be the best choice for a patio or deck.

In fact, there are a lot of patio door lock mechanisms that are very easy to prise open. For a slightly different take on a security screen door, you can look at adding a sliding door security bar to add resistance to someone trying to force the door to slide open. Like security screens, some are very functional and plain whereas others come with a more aesthetically pleasing grill work finish.

Security screen door locks are just as important a choice as the actual door you choose.  You can decide if a single or double cylinder deadbolt lock set will suffice for your needs.  After you have made this choice, you can decide on other aesthetic options such as the finish that will compliment your door.  Would you prefer an antique brass, antique nickel, polished brass, or satin nickel finish?  In addition, would you like to add a little more elegance to your security screen door lock with a curved lever?

After you have considered all your safety factors, you can then choose the type of decoration or design you prefer for your door.  You may also choose to have your door installed professionally or find a metal door screen kit that allows you to do it yourself.  In any case, your screen door provide you with that extra security you want for you home and family, but it can also provide a personal touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

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