Security Systems for Home – Benefits & Limitations

With the advancement in technology, on one hand the types of threats have completely changed its form; on the other hand a new complete market of Home Security Systems is evolved to counter those threats. It is true that burglars are nowadays tech smart and are equipped with most advanced tools to break into any of the houses even if protected with security measures. Steps like keeping the lights switched on when you are away from home, deputing a security guard at night or even at day, keeping your neighbors informed about your absence are some of the measures which still work today, but probability of an unexpected theft can not be ruled out by these measures. It is recommended to deploy an electronic security system for your home to compliment these measures.

Installation of a Home Security system will not only provide you peace of mind but also ensure that uninterrupted protection is available for your homes and there is no scope for human errors due to carelessness. These systems usually come along with a central panel which is connected with various input devices also called sensors for any detection of unauthorized entry/intrusion. These sensors are installed at various strategic locations of the house and play a key role in the security system for your home. They detect any unlikely event like breaking of glass, unwanted movements, unauthorized door opening etc and send the message to panel for taking a final decision. The panel is also connected with certain output devices like hooters, Automatic Telephone Dialer, panic switch etc. The moment panel gets any detection message from sensors, it activates all its output devices.

Thus a Home Security System which is actually a Burglar Alarm System for homes in most cases works with three basic parts – A panel, Sensors & Out put devices. The moment sensors give signal to panel, all hooters connected to it starts giving alarm alerting neighbors & ATD ( Automatic Telephone Dialer) sends prerecorded messages to preprogrammed numbers to send the alerts. This way even if you are away fro your home you can get the alerts of any unlikely event right at your mobile screen.

The only limitation with these security systems is their false alarms. The sensors are supposed to be programmed and refined in such a way to reduce such alarms giving false alerts. Sometimes due to the movement of some animal or pets the sensors can send a wrong message to panel. It is because of this reason market has come up with various pet immune sensors, which apart from movement also sense the weight of the moving object, thus getting a more detailed idea about the objects and this avoiding false alarms.

The second limitation about these residential alarm security systems is their way of installation. Any cheap alarm system can work just fine if it is installed properly with all the sensors at strategic locations of the house. One has to ensure proper installation so as to ensure that very purpose of installing it is not defeated- if it gives a false alarm in no events or does not give an alarm at all in unlikely events

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