SentrySafe Fireproof Boxes And Safes

Fire can destroy a home in a matter of minutes. Precious mementoes and important documents gone in an instance. Ask anyone who has lost their home due to a fire and they will all tell you one thing. They lost something that was special to them. There is a way to prevent this happening though. A SentrySafe fireproof box is one well respected brand name in the industry, and certainly a fireproof box is a precaution we should all take just in case, because contrary to what we all think, it COULD happen to you.

A fireproof box comes in three classes. These are dependent on the level of protection they can provide. A Class A fireproof box can withstand up to 2000 degrees for several hours which could mean the difference between saving your valuable possessions, and watching them burn. They can also protect them from things such as water and smoke damage which are pretty much inevitable in the case of a fire as well. A independently rated fireproof waterproof safe is probably the best option to go for, and will provide added security in the event of a burglary too.

The fire-protection level is measured by its UL rating. UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, tests each model’s capacity to withstand fire and gives it a rating. Class B units can withstand up to 1850 degrees for one hour and Class C, up to 1700 degrees. It is important to check the rating of any fireproof box or safe before you purchase it.

SentrySafe offer everything from simple fire boxes for suspension files; compact fire safe box models perfect for A4 documentation; fire safs with combination locks; even fireproof and waterproof data storage chests with an internal USB connection so you can keep a storage device protected at the same time as using it in conjunction with a computer.

SentrySafe Fireproof BoxTheir walls and lids or doors are made from two layers of thick steel that have layers of fire retardant insulation between them. They come in all manner of shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements and they can be placed in the wall of your home, or bolted to the floor in your closet or office.

Some are purpose built to protect and store specific things, from documents and photos, to CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives and memory sticks. In fact there is a fireproof box or safe to suit just about any requirement. Sentry have also designed the world’s first fire and water resistant hard drive safe with up to 250GB of space to save all your irreplaceable data.

Wanting to protect your most valuable assets is human nature. We tend to hang on to a lot of things that may seem worthless to other people but they can hold precious memories for the person who owns them. A SentrySafe fire proof box or safe can give you peace of mind that if by some chance disaster was to strike and you were to lose your home, that not everything will be lost.

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