Garden Shed Alarm Systems

People who use sheds, barns, trailers or other outside buildings for their storage needs should look into a shed alarm to protect their property. This may be an especially good idea if you run a home business and need to store valuable items outside of the home. Equally, shed alarms will prevent you from having to replace expensive equipment by preventing theft of your valuable lawn and gardening equipment or anything else you might keep in your shed. Even if you have the items or goods in your shed insured, you can look into purchasing from a range of shed alarm systems if you have not devised your own.

Garden shed alarms that make a loud noise may deter a would-be thief from entering your shed in the first place. Secondly of course, a noisy alarm draws attention to the area, so there is an improved chance of having witnesses in case the need arises. An outside range of about 110 decibels should be loud enough for most home systems in built up areas. If the system has some type of flashing light, this will also draw attention to the location and acts to deter the burglar as well. You may also choose to get a silent alarm that will send a signal to some type of monitoring service that may be to you in your home, right to the police or managed by a third party alarm monitoring company.

Should you choose to get a garden shed alarm, you need to be sure that it is capable of running from a building that may not be equipped with AC power sources. This type of alarm is usually a bell or siren that can be heard within earshot of the home or office. A key switch from the outside should activate the alarm and will probably not have a delay timer meaning the alarm goes off if anyone opens the door. This also prevents anyone from tampering with the system while the door is opening or closing.

Shed AlarmA shed alarm may also be ideal for those of you who like to conserve energy with solar and/or wind sources. This type of system does not use a current when armed and can be tied directly to a DC system.  It will also be possible to customize your system with other flashing lights, strobe lights, glass breakage switches, cameras or other devices. Cameras may be decoy devices or provide actual CCTV capabilities. Trigger mats can also activate the alarm.

Trigger mats are sensors that may also be used in conjunction with other alarms to protect your storage building. Other sensors can be placed at various contact points, particularly points of entry such doors, windows and roofs. These devices are sensitive to movement so caution should be used if pets or other animals tend to roam around the shed. Sensors that use advanced Passive Infrared Red (PIR) technology should be powerful enough to indicate that the movement is from the body mass of a person and not an animal. Sensors can be operated by battery or hard-wired into an available electrical system should the shed be equipped with one.

Should you need to use an electrical system, it may be best to use your primary electric circuit. Even with an electrical system, the alarm should have a viable battery backup that can take over when the power fails. Another feature you may want to consider for your alarm system is if it can be operated with a wireless remote. With wireless technologies becoming more common, they continue to grow less expensive so they are affordable on the most stringent of budgets. A wireless shed alarm system is relatively simple in design and easy to operate, but still effective enough to adequately protect your shed and its contents. If you are looking for a reliable system, a solid brand to go for is the Yale alarm. Yale has been at the forefront of the security industry for over 100 years and offers so very affordable solutions, many of which are easy to install yourself.

Alternative brands and products that are among the best shed alarm options and general purpose garden alarms include the Kasp 610 Wireless Shed Alarm System, Friedland Response PA1 Garden Shed Alarms, and the Micromark Shed And Garage Alarm System.

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