Using A Sliding Door Lock To Deter Entry

The best way to protect your home from potential invaders is to look at your home from the perspective of the burglar. Intruders prefer to break into houses that offer easy access and privacy. A poorly lit home surrounded by fencing or bushes give a burglar the time to break-in without being noticed. It takes a burglar less than a minute to break into patio doors that do not have sliding glass door locks. On the contrary, a well-lit house that offers little privacy and a noticeable home security sign is much less appealing to a thief. The addition of outdoor motion sensor lights and a lock for sliding door security will help to deter thieves. You can also discourage potential thieves by posting a security sign on the door of your home or yard or placing a “beware of dog” sign near your backyard entrance.

Protecting your home begins with secure locks. Add deadbolt locks to each of your doors for maximum security. Many homeowners who have installed deadbolt locks on each of their doors make the mistake of relying on the factory grade glass sliding door lock when it comes to their patio doors. This is one of the reasons that so many burglars target patio doors during break-ins. Sliding patio doors provide an easy entrance for seasoned home invaders, and homeowners should make sure that their sliding patio door lock provides adequate protection.

Sliding Door LockThe majority of patio doors consist of a single sliding door lock which burglars can pry open without much effort. A sliding screen door lock provides even less protection as screens can easily be cut open or removed. Some burglars remove the sliding door from its track to gain entry into the home. To prevent this you can replace your old patio lock with a special sliding glass door lock designed to keep sliding doors from being removed. A lock for sliding door security is inexpensive and easy to install yourself.

You may feel safe from home invaders because you live in a low-rise apartment building, but since burglars realize that, many apartment patio door locks, flimsy in the first place, are left unopened apartment break-ins from balcony doors do occasionally occur. Installing the appropriate security locks for sliding glass doors will help to prevent a possible break-in. Using safety bars and door alarms in addition to a high quality sliding door lock will give you even more protection. You can find a variety of safety bars, patio door alarms, and sliding door locks available online as well as in your local hardware store.

Once you have added deadbolt locks and high security locks for sliding doors it is time to look at your windows. Check the locks on your windows to make sure they function well and replace any broken locks with new ones. You can add a security bar to basement and ground floor windows for extra protection. The addition of window grilles will protect you from break-ins but opt for window grilles that can be opened with a quick release device instead of a key lock so you can get out quickly in the event of a fire.

If you are considering protecting your home by installing a home alarm system there are a wide variety of security systems to choose from. A simple wireless home security system is a good choice for a neighborhood home but if you live in a secluded area you may wish to purchase a more elaborate home security system that includes security cameras and motion detector alarms. Some home security systems also include fire and medical monitoring devices, which are a great bonus for homeowners.

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