Spy CCTV Camera System

Installing a spy CCTV camera system requires some basic wiring skills. If you don’t know how to run cabling through ceilings, floors, and walls, then you should hire someone to do the installation for you. However, if you are the do-it-yourself type and have done some basic electrical work in the past, you will probably not have a problem setting up your own spy CCTV system.

First, make sure you have all of the tools you need. The instructions that come with your spy CCTV system may have a list of required tools. It is likely that you will need a crimping tool, diagonal wire cutters, and a knife. Before you start working, check the inventory list on your instructions and make sure that none of the parts are missing.

Next, you need to run the cable between each camera location and the DVR (digital video recorder). Be sure to leave some extra cable at both ends. The cable includes both a coaxial cable and a power pair. You’ll need to separate the two sections at both ends of the cable. At the camera end, you’ll need to split about six inches of cable. At the DVR end, you will probably need more. You need to split enough of the cable that the coaxial cable can reach the DVR and the power cord can reach the power distribution unit.

Spy CCTVThe next step is to attach BNC connectors to both ends of each of the coaxial cables. For the power section of the cable, remove the outside shielding from about two inches, then strip the insulation from the ends of both of the wires about 3/8″ from the ends.

In most cases, spy CCTV cameras come with the lens, mount, and power connections built in, so you shouldn’t need to do any assembly of the camera itself. At the camera end, an adapter may be required to connect the wires to the Siamese cable. If so, the adapters should be included with your spy CCTV camera system. At the DVR end of the cable, you will normally have a power distribution unit, also known as a PDU or brick. The black wires connect to the negative terminals and the white or red wires connect to the positive terminals.

Setting up the DVR is much like setting up a personal computer. Just like a computer, it has a tower, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. If you have a limited amount of space, you can get a KVM switch, which will give you the ability to switch back and forth between using the same keyboard, video, and mouse for your PC or for your spy CCTV system.

If this process sounds too complicated, you can hire a company such as I Spy CCTV to install your spy CCTV system for you. This could save you hours of frustration, so it could be well worth the additional cost. Another option is to install a wireless spy CCTV system so that you don’t have to run any cables at all.

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