Stair Carpet Rods: Practical And Decorative

Stair carpet rods have been a staple in homes with carpet runners since the Victorian era and are both practical and decorative in nature. They are practical because they keep the carpet runner in place and prevent it from bunching. A bunching carpet runner is not only and eyesore but also a safety hazard as people can trip on it.

Another practical purpose for carpet rods is that they can hide dimples that appear in the carpet during the installation process. The carpet rods are placed on the stairs where two stairs meet and can hide those imperfections. They can also conceal pattern mismatch and are able to make the carpet look more professionally installed.

Carpet stair rods are also decorative in nature and can add a lot to a home’s decor. There are many options to consider when selecting your carpet rods. They are made from a variety of materials that have the ability to match any home style. They are made from steel, iron, wood, aluminum and brass.

Stair Carpet RodsOnce you determine which type of material you would like your rods to be made from you can customize the appearance further by choosing appropriate decorative finials to complete the desired look. There are many decorative finials to choose from that can customize the look of your rods. They come in many looks from modern and contemporary to traditional and are able to provide whatever look you are going for. It is important to note when buying your rods and finials that you are able to buy these items in sets, which will save you a lot of money.

Make sure you have an accurate count of how many rods you need so that you can get the right number and not end up short when you are trying to install your rods. Carpet rods are both practical and decorative in nature and add a lot to a home.

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