Stay cool

One of the greatest inventions is the air conditioning units. On hot and humid days, nothing is a better relief than being ensconced in a cool room. At night, for good and restful sleep, an air conditioning unit which works well will help to achieve it. A well maintained air conditioner can work for years without a problem. For home owners who wish to continue the smooth working and functioning of an air conditioning unit a few basic things must be kept in mind.

It is imperative to remember that home owners must enlist the help and services of good maintenance companies. Qualified and experienced technicians for the job will not only get the job done quickly but they will also make sure that it is in top notch working condition. For the smooth working of an air conditioning unit, one of the key factors is a clean filter. If the air conditioner is used a lot, the filter tends to get clogged and dirty over time. It is necessary to clean it. This is something that even a home owner can do themselves. All one needs to do is unplug the unit and remove the cover. Mostly, filters are located in front but in some air conditioners, they can also be at the back or in front of the coils. If the home owner is intimidated and finds it difficult to do, they must not attempt it and should leave it to the technician. The filter should then be washed in a solution of soapy warm water. The filter should be shaken to remove the excess water and be allowed to dry before reinstalling it. A damaged or torn filter should be replaced immediately for optimum circulation.

The cover and grills over the evaporator coils should be wiped cleaned with a damp cloth. Vacuuming it however is the best solution. The aluminum fins which are there on the coils have a tendency to bend easily and must be handled with care so as not to replace them.

The drainage system in an air conditioning unit plays a very important part in its cooling. To clean and flush the drainage system, the drain tube must first be removed from the air conditioner.

Home owners can attempt to clean their air conditioning units from time to time. To avoid any damage or unnecessary expenditure, it is best to hire the services of a reputed technician.

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