GE Supra Key Safe

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The importance of a key safe cannot be underestimated. Most everyone has numerous keys and these keys can easily be lost or stolen. Many people opt to ‘hide’ a key behind a pot, under a rug or in some other insecure location. This is foolhardy; most thieves can detect these hiding places in seconds. Furthermore, people often forget where they hid their keys and this causes undue hardship and problems. By storing all the keys in a safe location, a person can rest assured that his or her valuables are safe. It does not cost much to buy a Supra key safe. A safe provides a safe storage place for all the keys so the owner will always know where any given key is when he or she needs it. Following is an overview of different types of safes made specifically for key storage:

Supra Key Safe

GE AccessPoint 001015 KeySafe

The GE AccessPoint 5-Key Permanent Pushbutton Key Safe comes in gray and white. This Supra push button lock safe is one of the cheapest options on the market. It is simple yet sturdy and well made. It has ten digits that a person can use to set a password; this makes the safe more secure and harder to break into. However, a person should never use all ten digits. The safe has a glitch and if a person uses all ten digits to set the password, the safe can be broken into easily.

The GE AccessPoint 001795 TouchPoint 30-Key Cabinet is one of the many Supra key safes that gets a lot of positive reviews. It is heavy duty so a thief would have a hard time picking it up and walking away with it. This GE Supra key safe allows for a 4 digit plus code and can hold over two dozen keys, plus a few other things as well.

The GE AccessPoint 001859 Stor-A-Key Locking Key Case is one of the cheapest GE Supra security lock boxes for sale. It uses a three-digit combination instead of buttons and it can be installed in a home, boat or RV. While it is not 100% thief proof, it is reasonably secure and can hold a lot of keys.

A person that needs a sturdy, well made and spacious key safe should consider buying the GE AccessPoint 001267 Pro Multiple Key Pushbutton KeySafe with Cover. This safe may be small, but it is sturdy, secure and quite heavy. It can be covered with a rubber covering if desired or installed as is. It has room enough for dozens of keys and the combination is easy to change.

As there are so many key safes on the market, it is hard to pinpoint the best buy. A person should consider the options and choose a Supra key safe that suits his or her needs and budget. A key safe should be well made, difficult to break into and spacious enough for all the keys that need to be stored inside. By choosing a well made safe, a person will always know that his or her keys are stored in a secure, easy to find location.

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