Taking Care of Water Damaged Carpet

Water damage is a common concern which thousands of households will face every year. Whether it is due to external forces or internal ones, flooding can happen at almost any time. Flooding is highly damaging to the home that it affects.

Along with the immediate destruction which can come from the fluid ruining many things which it comes in contact with and the harm it does to dry things like paper and walls, this disaster also has a more sinister effect. This effect is one which is much longer lasting.

When there is a flood in a standard home, there is the very real risk that the house will develop mold as a result of the experience. Mold is not only stinky and gross looking- it also poses a real health risk.

As mold grows and propagates itself, it will release spores into the air. When breathed in, these spores can have a very adverse effect on the health of those who breathe them in.

Symptoms of adverse health can include difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, dizziness, and confusion. Put simply, these elements can easily contaminate a home.

One of the biggest hotspots for mold to grow after a flood is in carpet fibers. Looking at your average basement flood, water will flood into a room, and then quickly saturate the carpet and the padding underneath it.

While the very top of the carpet may begin to dry on its own, the under parts will remain soaked and will grow mold in time. Therefore, you need to act with haste following a flood in order to save your carpet and to prevent mold from growing within the home.

To begin with, it is essential that the source of the water be contained, whatever it is. Once flooding has ceased, the carpet and padding underneath it need to be taken up and rolled up away from each other.

You will need to get industrial fans and heaters to dry everything in a room out, and it is essential that everything be completely dry. Any residual moisture brings with it the risk of unwanted growth.

Completely dry out the base of the floor, and then begin drying the padding and the carpet. It is important to keep these units suspended and not laying down while they are drying out, so use chairs or ladders or footstools to keep them upright.

This process is one which can take a long time. The key to the whole situation is having powerful fans which never cease with the air they are blowing to dry things out.

Should you be able to perform this process soon enough, you should be able to prevent mold and salvage the carpet and the padding. Should you not be able to do it on your own, it may be prudent to get in contact with a property restoration firm.

Trust in the professionals to handle your Raleigh water damage needs. Through the effort and care of these experts, you should be able to return to normal, life within a short amount of time.

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