That Indispensable Velcro Strip

Basically a Velcro strip is composed of two parts. Used for fastening things together, the piece of nylon adheres to the other by means of minute hooks.

Sewing Each Strip

A lot of people like the idea of using it for clothes and accessories because of its convenience. It is as simple as sewing each of the parts to the corresponding position. Common accessories that make use of these fastening strips include wallets, bags and shoes.

Advantages of Using Velcro

Some people dislike the sound a Velcro strip makes when they unfasten it but there are also a lot of advantages in using one. First and foremost, people do not need to worry about washing the item that has strips of Velcro because they are completely washable. Using metal hardware such as zippers, buttons and hooks might lead to rusting if not regularly maintained.

Velcro Fabric Advantage and Disadvantages

Velcro fabric is a type of fastener that has two parts: the hook side and loop side. It is used to attach two sides together. Often, you can see it used in wallets and bags. But to this day, sneakers and some clothes also use these items as well.

The advantages of using Velcro fabric are immense. With just one move, these straps can be attached or detached without problems so it’s guaranteed easy to use. You don’t have to clean it everyday and is very safe even for children.

Velcro StripThere are also setbacks with this item, though. Because it uses small soft hooks, your sweater can be damaged once these two meet.  Furs, hairs and dust can also entangle in the straps once exposed to such items.

3M Dual Lock Might be the End of Velcro

With four times Velcro’s gripping power, the 3M Dual Lock assures you of a reliable adhesion even under high temperatures that even your Velcro cannot tolerate.

Let the Mushrooms do the “Sticking”

While Velcro has hooks and loops, dual locks have tiny plastic mushrooms that interlock. You know you’re good to go once you hear that audible snap. The four types of dual locks (170, 250, 400, and low profile) all depends on the number of mushrooms it has per square inch.

On-the-Hunt for Dual Lock

You can have 3M Dual Locks in clear or black color and in four types. It is usually sold in a pack of four 1” x 3” strips when purchased from your local hardware store.

You’ve probably used Velcro all your life for your adhesive needs and might’ve completely fell inlove with it. Now, it’s time to let go and go for the 3M Dual Lock.

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