The 4 Most Popular Alarm System Brands

Alarm systems are useful for more than just high-end homes with valuable assets to protect. Families living in urban communities or those who simply want peace of mind while they sleep will benefit jus the same from having alarms in place. Even if homeowners do not feel a strong need to install alarms for their peace of mind, many people are persuaded when they find out that a system can save them a great deal of money on their monthly homeowners insurance rates. Whatever the reason for having one installed, shoppers should be educated on the 4 most popular alarms system brands.

Ademco Systems is widely considered the best alarm system on the market. ADT, the leader in security monitoring in the United States, chooses Ademco for their professionals to install in homes, and most of their systems are shipped directly to professional installers. Systems can be purchased directly from Ademco and installed by the homeowners, but unless working with a wireless system, hardwiring each box will require a good deal of knowledge.

The benefit to having a company like ADT install the product for buyers — aside from professional training — is the added deterrence factor. ADT has a well-established name in the industry, and their sign in an owners lawn or a window decal is often enough to deter criminal activity. The same benefit may not be equated to Ademco alone, but even if the alarm is installed directly by the buyer, in the event of a break-in, its security measures serve to protect the people in the home that it monitors.

DSC Systems is the largest competitor to Ademco. For certain applications, ADT will choose to install the DSC monitors instead of Ademco, especially when it comes to wireless applications. DSC is the leader in wireless, invisible alarming. They were the first company to provide hidden security that did not compromise quality for size and monitors that operated on battery that alerted owners when it was time to repower the system. These two innovations have given them a reliable name in the industry.

For large homes or locations with more spread, DSC provides great solutions. Their systems can be applied in up to sixty-four zones from a central panel, meaning they can be used in every room of a house, in the garage or even as a shed alarm for a building that is detached from the home. Because of their versatility, DSC has won a name among the greatest full-service security brands in the industry.

ELK Product Systems is the leader in alarm integration. Though lesser known than Ademco or DSC, ELK offers control of which neither competitor can boast. Total integration is the key feature and it provides owners of the system access to security alarms, the thermostat, lights, and a fire alarm system all from any phone with a numbered keypad. This centralized approach is intuitively designed for users ease, making adaption to the system fluid and quick.

Elk Product Systems utilizes its popular M1 product-line to bring the remote features of the house together. Because the system can be controlled with pass-codes from any room with a phone, in the event of a break-in, violated homeowners can quickly call for help from a secure location in their own house. The newest remote access even allows owners to integrate their cellular phone technology into the system for further ease of use.

GE Smart Home Wireless Alarm

GE Smart Home Wireless Alarm

GE Security comes from one of America’s most trusted brand names. They have innovations in total home security from wireless monitoring to the exclusive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) kit for video recording. GE is recognized for having the most acute motion detector alarm in the industry, useful for monitoring and reporting. While a sensitive motion detector may not be right for homes with pets, it can be a great extra line of protection if it monitors a room that is locked to protect valuables.

In addition, the CCTV kits they offer make the extra step of catching burglars a reality. Deterrence is the primary goal in security, and when misfortune still occurs, having video proof and a strong lead may be the difference between recovering stolen valuables and bringing a criminal to justice and the owner never seeing his or her cherished items again. Even for clients who choose one of the other trusted names in security, a CCTV kit should be considered for extra measures.

Once a homeowner has decided on the system that is best suited for his or her needs, special security features should be considered to supplement the existing protections. Families on a budget may not have enough money to install a genuine camera recording system, but instead may want to consider a dummy CCTV camera. They are especially useful in visible locations around the perimeter of a home or as a supplement to a shed alarm. Even though a dummy system does not record, the sight of cameras often deters people with the intent of burglary.

Prepreventitive measures are the best criminal proofing. Attention-getters are the next best method — like using an independent Yale alarm on external side doors that screams with a 105-decibel horn to alert unauthorized access. Reporting as Ademco, DSC, ELK and GE systems do, alerts sleeping or unaware residents in the home, as well as police, of a violation. Awareness is the largest factor in safety once a break-in has happened. And finally, video surveillance for establishing what was taken, and whom the burglar was, can help to restore lost possessions. The best home alarm utilizes multiple factors and brings in surveillance from numerous angles. While the 4 most popular alarm system brands in the industry do provide excellent security, adding features such as sound alarms and video monitoring is the best way to provide total safety to any homeowner.

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