Top Brands Of Security Cameras

Selecting residential or commercial surveillance entails determining what is right for the property. Static security systems are useful for recording all activity that takes place in front of a safe, valuable wall art or an entryway. Dynamic surveillance prevents a room from having blind spots and is best suited to overlook rooms with a large amount of square footage or outdoor areas along a perimeter. The top brands of security cameras provide both static and dynamic recording systems for every environment.

Every location has specific needs when being monitored. To discern and meet these needs, shoppers will benefit from knowing the distinct varieties of recording technology. There are four forms of camera: domes, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), Minidome, and Bullet. Three connections provide a recording medium for specific locations: Network, Analog, and Wireless. Finally two general applications determine how the camera should be used: Video surveillance or Point of Sale (POS) monitoring.

Wireless recording can be utilized with both network and analog systems. A network connection streams footage onto an Internet database and can be accessed from the website by those with passwords. Analog systems convert the signal into a picture that is received by a television monitor and saved at a specific sight. The distinct advantage to network monitoring is its accessibility from anywhere. However, many consider traditional analog systems to be safer and more secure from tampering.

Video surveillance is utilized to scope larger areas. POS cameras are static devices, designed to stare at a cash register and the nearest areas to it. Both can be used to monitor a register area but POS models are specifically made to sit in close quarters and be damage proof.

Domed security cameras are best utilized for indoor, video monitoring. The hidden nature of the camera gives it a great benefit for retail placement. Customers who shop at locations with domed security cannot be certain what type of camera is installed beneath.

PTZ security cameras are the most versatile surveillance system available. Their ability to rove based on motion enables them to capture real time action of anything in their sensor’s scope. A PTZ security camera is designed to be used as an outdoor security camera, since its placement in a bustling retail or indoor space would conflict with its motion detection. Too many moving objects will disable PTZs from scoping the important action.

Minidome technology is relatively new and has distinct benefits. They are perfect for POS positioning and recording at eye-level. Their ability to survey space is not limited by their size, but instead, their placement options are expanded because of the compact design.

Bullet cameras, as the name might suggest, are long cylindrical units that often have PTZ capability, though some are static. Most often, bullets are used for residential or outdoor commercial use. They are made to be high impact, weather resistant and attract attention—thereby deterring potential thieves.

A motion activated security camera feature is the most useful innovation on the market. Especially for outdoor locations where there is lower traffic flow, this feature reduces the amount of recorded footage that a surveyor will need to view in the event of a crime. While some are static and others are dynamic, unlike a system that runs at all times, these cameras only record when their sensors pick up movement. Combined with PTZ technology this is the most efficient outdoor security camera on the market.

In addition to the benefits of smart sensors, wireless surveillance is a hand up in the monitoring sphere. While wireless models need regular battery power, they give owners the ultimate freedom to place cameras where they are needed most. Too often, buyers find that after a system is in place, they realize that the equipment is not ideally placed to deter theft. If wires do not anchor the system, the owner can move it without the help of a professional thereby making it quickly customizable.

VideoSecu Night Vision Security CameraInfrared security cameras provide the final detail to equip owners with the maximum benefits of monitoring. Infrared technology combined with smart sensors and motion detection gives a system the ability to have eyes on valuables twenty-four seven. One camera with all of these features may be the most expensive, top-of-the-line choice, but it will prevent thieves from stealing away in the night, unnoticed.

With these considerations in mind, anyone shopping for security monitoring will be able to make the most informed decision. If a fully-loaded system is too expensive, buyers may want to look into a blended system. Installing a series of dummy CCTV cameras along with real monitoring is the cheapest way to provide effective determent from crime.

Many thieves are familiar with dummy technology and some have become educated about how to discern obvious decoys. For this reason, a fully false system is unwise. However, by blending real cameras with a dummy CCTV camera here and there, can save shoppers money and still provide total surveillance. Equipping this system cost effectively, can all be done through Security Cameras Direct.

Most of the top brands are available through Security Cameras Direct. Only Lorex security cameras are not found on the site. Top brands such as Panasonic, Mier, VideoSecu, Digiop, Axis and more are all featured and sold there for the quickest comparisons. The home page for Lorex provides a look into the Lorex security camera selection. With some of the most specialized equipment in the field, they provide a high degree of competition to the surveillance industry and continue to create new innovations with cutting edge designs.

Whether for commercial or residential use, these top brands of security cameras provide what clients need to keep their most valued possessions as safe as possible. Cutting edge technology combined with trusted retailer manufacturing makes buying the equipment safe and trustworthy. People who must protect expensive assets should not take a chance without surveillance.

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