Top Gun Safes On The Market Today

Throughout North America, controversies about gun control, gun safety, and the politics of using firearms within the home abound. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions about whether individuals should be allowed to own and use firearms however, it can generally be agreed upon that handguns, pistols, rifles, and all other forms of firearms should be stored securely when they are not in use, in order to avoid the possibilities of misuse and abuse. Gun cabinets, and more specifically secure safes, are ideal ways of storing and securing various forms of firearms. The following paragraphs will discuss what to look for and consider when shopping for a rifle and/or pistol safe, and list some of the features that can help to determine the top gun safes on the market today.

Depending upon the nature and volume of a given firearms collection, as well as every unique set of circumstances, individuals will necessarily look for varying features when shopping for a gun cabinet or a pistol or rifle safe. The first issue that comes to mind is obviously volume and capacity. While an individual that owns one handgun for personal security reasons may opt to store his or her firearm in a safe containing other personal property such as valuable jewellery, cash, wills, and so on, a hunter with a larger rifle collection will likely wish to have a cabinet or safe dedicated specifically to his or her hunting paraphernalia. Costs of safes will, logically, increase based upon not only their size, but also upon their nature and the specificity of what is to be contained within them. Bearing this fact in mind, individuals can better determine the amount that they can expect, or wish to pay for their container.

Regardless of the size and specific nature of your safe, there are certain features that should be considered across the board. These include, but are not limited to: Types of lock access; materials of every component of the safe; warranties; reputation among consumers; and additional features. These features will be discussed in more detail below.

Lock Features

Safes can be unlocked and accessed by a variety of means. Although the most common type of safe lock is the dial lock, which is available in many varied forms and which, when combined with other security features, is a relatively reliable method of securing and accessing safe contents, recent technologies have facilitated more widespread access to more failsafe safe locking methods. One such method, which is becoming increasingly popular for gun safes in particular, is the biometric lock.

GunVault Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe

GunVault Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe

Biometrics, which is the science of using unique physiological or behavioral traits as a method of identification, is an ideal way of ensuring the utmost security for your safe. Not only will a biometric gun safe be accessible to only those individuals registered in the system; you will no longer have to worry about forgetting passwords or combinations, losing or misplacing keys, or releasing privileged information to outsiders. Most biometric gun safes use fingerprint technology to identify the specific individuals, registered within the system, who may access the interior of the safe. Although there are multiple other forms of biometric identification, such as iris scanning, voice recognition and so on, the fingerprint gun safe is the most accessible and affordable form of biometric technology available to the general public.

Construction Materials for Gun Safes

Consider the safe’s construction materials, as well as the nature of said safe’s assembly, when determining the best unit for your needs. Every component must be constructed of a solid heavy-duty material, such as steel, and must be assembled in a way that prevents tampering or manipulation. In addition, all aspects of your safe should be fire proof, so that even in the event of unexpected natural disasters, your firearms will be protected and more importantly, accounted for. Components that should specifically be inquired after include the body of the safe, its door, and its ceiling.

Warranties and Reputations

The best gun safe manufacturers will stand by the quality and craftsmanship of their products. They understand that the security of your firearms is of utmost importance for the safety of you, your family, and your community, and that security breaches due to faulty safe equipment can have serious legal and insurance repercussions. As a result, it is not unreasonable to look for a safe with at least a five year warranty, and whose individual components are also guaranteed by the manufacturer. When sourcing out various safe brands do not rely solely on what the manufacturer or retailer tells you; do your own research by speaking with other consumers, in order to make the most informed decision with regards to quality and longevity. If you are considering used gun safes, as a means of saving money, then be sure to research how the individual components of the safe hold up over extended use and time, since warranties will likely not be offered on used products.

Additional Features

Although the above-mentioned features should receive the most consideration, there are other gun safe features that may influence which brands and styles will be the best for your needs. These features may include the presence of, or option for, pistol racks, hooks, additional shelving units, internal lighting, and even a dehumidifier, the nature of the safe’s lining, the way in which the lock is powered, and what types of controls are in place to ensure optimal lock function (for instance, on a fingerprint gun safe, how many fingerprint templates can one system hold at a given time?).

By carefully considering the many aspects of what make a gun or rifle safe secure and reliable, you will be more able to identify and purchase the safe that will best suit your needs. Using the above paragraphs as a guide to evaluating the top gun safes on the market today, you will be making an informed and authoritative investment. Although safes are generally more expensive than regular gun cabinets, this additional investment will ensure you peace of mind in the knowledge that your firearms are safe and in responsible hands at all times.

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