UPVC Door Lock Mechanism

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The value and benefits of a UPVC door lock mechanism are numerous. You may well be looking for one of these as a replacement lock or as part of a new install, but either way they will increase the security of the doors. There are many different options on the market today, ranging in complexity and price.

Installing a security device onto the doors in a home or a business is an easy do it yourself task that does not always require a professional locksmith. Those searching for good UPVC door locks will want to find a product that is reliable and durable, as well as affordable. Here are a few different options to consider.

UPVC Door Lock Mechanism

UPVC remote control door lock

One is a remote control door lock for UPVC style double glazed doors, which is produced by Home Matic. This costs a little bit more compared to other styles and options, however many satisfied customers believe it is worth the cost. The remote feature makes it user-friendly and dependable. The high security code can be programmed to change each time the remote is pressed.

This is a stand alone, remote lock, which is battery operated. The lock battery lasts up to five years, and the remote keychain battery lasts for about a year. A key fob can be used to lock or unlock the door from up to 30m away. The lock can remain functional and it can be used with a conventional key, but the remote availability makes it convenient and secure. Installation is straightforward.

If remote entry and locking is not necessary, consumers may want to consider options that cost less but are still extremely secure. Another option for UPVC doors is the Thumb Turn Euro Cylinder Lock for PVC doors made by Var. The measurements are 40/55 mm, and it features a smooth nickel finish.

The appearance of this product is elegant and indicates a high quality and classic style. Three keys are included with this model. There is a matching fixing screw as well, and this lock is durable and good for long term use. It is reasonably priced and it can replace any current locks that possess the same dimensions.

Another reasonably priced option is the White UPVC Safe-t-bar Door Security Bar, which is suitable for inward or outward doors. The white safe-t-bar is a fairly standard UPVC door locking mechanism. It serves the same purpose as conventional door chains would. There are matching window locks and latches in this line as well. Baby products are also available, which will keep little hands out of cupboards and drawers that may contain harmful dangers to young infants and toddlers who are naturally curious and getting into everything.

Most UPVC door lock mechanism products are easy to install, attractive, and able to blend in to your regular home and door decor. They are generally affordable. It is impossible to put a price on safety, especially on the safety of family, friends and business assets. Take a look at all of the options available, and make a decision based on your specific needs, and what you feel is necessary for keeping your home or business secure.

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