Utilizing A Safe Room

What is A Safe Room? Many homes have a space dedicated as a safe room in case of an emergency, or extreme worst-case scenario. Typically many people seek these during a hurricane, tornado or other uncontrollable natural disaster. It provides a secure foundation that can withstand severe wind speeds, hail and protection when needed.

Difference Between A Basement, Slab Foundation or Crawl Space Safe Rooms The location of a safe room can vary depending on where you live. Typically, southern states won’t have a basement, but you will probably find a room without windows or for two-story houses a room under the stairs.

Most engineers work with FEMA and their company to provide a solid structure for new homes. With the increase of natural disasters across America, homeowners are starting to consider the additional safe room to keep their family safe.

For new constructions that are going to include a safe room, it is required that one or more walls resist debris. The walls must not include any windows. Additionally, the ceiling must be sturdier to prevent hail or debris from caving in the roof.

For a home that is looking to extend, or add a safe room, unfortunately it will probably have to consist of a wood frame compared to a sturdy concrete foundation. If possible, it would be wise to build a shelter using the concrete slab on the exterior of the house. Note that it is mandatory to have a separate foundation.

Utilizing Your Safe Room A lot of people believe that it’s only necessary to use your safe room during a storm.  However, it can serve for many purposes. Other purposes like centralized location for home security monitoring, a storage space or laundry location is all extra perks of people utilizing these rooms.

As you decide on getting a safe room, consider the protection it will provide for your family. Depending if you live in the north or the south, will factor in whether you worry about hurricanes, tornadoes or other storms that send high winds. Be prepared for the unexpected.

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