Video Intercom System: Features & Benefits

Can you imagine how safe and secure you would feel if you had the ability to see selected areas of the outside or inside of your home at the touch of a button? In the continually changing world of technology, safety, security, and peace of mind can be a touch away thanks to the wonderful technology of the video intercom system. In the last several years, video intercom systems have become increasingly popular and economically priced so that many middle class families and individuals are installing these convenience products in their homes, businesses, and guesthouses. Consider the following benefits of equipping your premise with one of these simple to use units.

The first thought that comes to mind when considering the purchase of an intercom system is safety. Technology continues to rapidly advance in areas of communication, convenience, and entertainment. At the same time, however, our society seems to experience more unrest, instability, and fear of intrusion that increasingly threatens our personal peace of mind. This feeling of concern we often have is not just the fear of stolen property, but more importantly, worry for the safety of your family is of prime importance.  A video door intercom system can go a long way in eliminating that fear as it provides an opportunity to check out any unexpected callers that come to your door during the day or evening. Without being rude or seeming overly suspicious, you are able to assess those individuals that come to your home while they are still on the outside, looking in!

One of the great features of these video intercom systems is their ability to provide clear pictures of whatever areas you want the intercom to monitor. This way, you are not only able to see who is at your door when you are home, but some units provide hours of digital replay that can help you check to see who was at your property while you were gone. Some can even be monitored while you are away from your home. A variation on a standard model, a color video intercom system gives you a really clear picture of those that are in proximity to your video intercom. It can act as your third eye when you are in another part of your home.

video intercom systemFor consumers that have the need or desire to monitor areas of the home that might be either out of range of a normal wire hook up or that might be located in an area that is either concealed or at a distance, there is the option to purchase a wireless video intercom system. These products definitely emphasize convenience, creative placement, and security in those locations that might be potential concerns for you and your household. Whether it be the outside play area where the children spend their afternoon or the parking space of your vintage corvette in the driveway, the wireless feature gives you the option to creatively and efficiently set up video wireless capability. In this way, you can be in the kitchen of your home and at the same time be able to monitor several locations at once; you can be poolside, out in the front or back yard, in the den, or answering a question in the craft room. Wherever you need to be, there you are!

Besides monitoring the entrance doors, backyard or front yard locations, or areas of safety concern and protection, video intercoms can provide great usage by family members for various rooms and locations in the household. If you have children, these intercom units are golden; as they become your extra eyes and ears in whatever area you install your video units. For the busy mom or dad that is in one section of the house and unable to be in the same room as your children and their guests, the intercom system enables a parent to see and hear all of the activity that is taking place right from whatever room.

Not only does this provide peace of mind for the parent, but children that are of a certain age appreciate the knowledge that their parent is nearby and can support various activities and events the children are involved in. Most of the time you will be with them, but when you’re cooking or doing other household chores, this isn’t so easy. These units can also provide a feeling of safety in the evening, monitoring the baby’s nursery or the young toddler who is in the beginning stages of sleeping in a bed. So many practical areas of usage in the home do not involve security, but instead, have everything to do with convenience, protection, and communication.

If you have never realized the tremendous convenience that a video intercom system offers, maybe you should look into the various features and video intercom models that are available. You may discover one that might be just right for your needs. The features & benefits of units are almost unlimited, they are easy to use, and the cost is certainly very much affordable these days.

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