Violence vs. Patriotism: The Video Game Dilemma

So I hear you’re a big video game nerd. You like playing everything from Mario to Modern Warfare.  You enjoy the thrill of stealing and racing cars in Grand Theft Auto and sometimes you don’t’ even mind Harry Potter adventures and other video games that some people deem to be more childish.   For years you were even one of those “super nerds” that could spend hours and hours playing online games, such as World of Warcraft.

You love collecting coins, stars and other items to complete missions and beat levels.  You check all previews of the games as well as reviews before you buy them, even if you have to wait a few extra days before purchase.  You love to hear the latest news and updates about the games you already play and you know the short cuts, and secrets in addition to spending hours on the walkthroughs and hints. In a nutshell, you don’t plan on quitting your video game “addiction” any time soon.

On your recent conquests you have picked up guns, collected ammo, special abilities, and various other weapons.  You’ve finally reached dwarf level 30 and you are well on your way to level 31.  No one has to know you are 25 and still living in your parents’ basement.

Your parents say that you are changing and becoming more violent and withdrawn, but you know it isn’t true.  After all, you purchased your gun legally and store it in one of the many gun safes from Gun Vault that can only be accessed with your fingerprint code.   You also have a concealed weapons permit and only carry it when it may come in handy.

Dreams for the Future

Ok, so even if you aren’t the creepy type your mom thinks you are, you may actually have a dream to sign up for the service so that you can help protect your country from the people that threaten it.  This one of the real reasons, even though you may not want to admit it, that you spend hours doing what you consider to be extensive “training” through the video games you play.

It is time, however, to get up off of your lazy rear and practice real target shooting and you’re one of the first ones to admit it and your mom is the first to agree.

Steps to Success

Even if you don’t decide to give up video games, you can continue to train for the military by spending time doing target practice and spending a few hours of workout time at the gym. This is after all just the first step on your way to military excellence.

If, for some reason, you don’t already have a weapon, such as a handgun or rifle to practice your target shooting, it’s not too late to purchase one and a gun safe to protect it so that you can safely own and use a gun.   This can help to put you one step ahead of the game when you sign-up for the service and

My name is Heidi Rothert and I am currently working on expanding my writing portfolio. I currently do work for gun safe companies to help generate internet sales.


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