Exposed And Hidden Wall Safe Options

Keeping your valuables hidden away in a home safe is one of the last lines of defense homeowners have against being burglarized. It is a sad reflection on modern life that your valuables are no longer secure – even within your own home. No doubt, you would have heard older folk describe a time, not so long ago, where the front door could stay unlocked as there was no risk of having anything stolen. It is obvious times have changed. If you want to keep hold of items you hold dear, you will have to move with the times – no matter how horrible they are.

Safes started out life after cast iron reduced in cost in 1780’s. Before cast iron safes were manufactured, people kept their valuables locked away in wooden boxes and chests. Early safes were used in banks, and the early 1800’s saw a huge increase in bank robberies as robbers found methods of cracking safe locks. Today safes are much more secure, however, as new locking technologies are implemented, similarly, new safe cracking methods are devised. It is therefore important, to buy the most appropriate safe for your home and valuables. You should also buy the best safe you can afford – unless the safe’s value starts to increase beyond that of its contents.

There are several safes available to the homeowner. There are freestanding safes, wall safes, in-floor safes and gun safes. A freestanding safe can be kept anywhere out of view in the home. Protex makes some of the best freestanding safes. Wall SafeThis company is a well-known safe manufacturer that produces a range of safes commonly used in hotel rooms, and for small businesses. If you are in the market for a home safe – check out some Protex models – they are ideal for the home. Usually freestanding safes have an anchoring facility. This anchor is used to secure the safe to the ground. Generally, though, these safes are adequately heavy enough to prevent moving. Again, it all depends on the value of the items within the safe. If you feel securing the safe to the ground is a necessary step to take – use the anchor and rest easy.

Installing a hidden wall safe is an excellent way of hiding your valuables away from a potential thief. You have probably watched movies where the protagonist shifts a picture to reveal a concealed safe – that would have been a wall safe. Before buying a wall safe, you will have to prepare the wall for installation. Your walls will have to be solid and strong enough to securely hold the safe. Once the safe is successfully installed, remember to conceal it from view using a piece of furniture or, as in the movies, a painting. Like the in wall safe, the floor safe needs an appropriate space hollowed out for installation. You will also have to make sure the floor is not going to be structurally weakened by the installation. Cobalt and Gardall make excellent safes that can be installed in the floor. Once you have installed your floor stronghold – pull a small rug or carpet over to conceal the entry point.

If you have a gun for household security, it is imperative you purchase a gun safe, possibly a biometric gun safe, to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. Children getting hold of an unsecured firearm has resulted in countless unnecessary deaths. Make sure you do not suffer the same tragedy so many families have had to endure. That said, if you select the appropriate gun safe, there is no reason why you cannot keep a gun.

Scour the market and find the most appropriate security safe for your needs. Once you purchase from a selection of quality wall safes for your home, you will be able to relax more and feel safe in the knowledge your precious items are secure. Additional safe security measure you might want to consider include a fingerprint safe, classic key safes or a biometric safe for added protection.

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