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Wall safes provide extra security in the form of their nature of installation – they can be hidden behind mirrors and paintings, and installed into walls. This wall safes review looks at the best solutions in the market in different price ranges, based on our own research and a summary of the best customer reviews online.

PWS-1522 Wall Safe

Its complete name is the Stack-On PWS-1522 Wall Safe with Electronic Lock. With a thickness of 3 3/4 inches, it can be easily hidden between the studs in any space. The electronic lock can be programmed with safety key override. The lock has a time-out period after three incorrect guesses. It weighs in at 27.7 lbs and its length and width is 23 inches x 16 inches; this small footprint again makes it one of the better options in hidden wall safes. The safe can easily store documents, passports and other folders; pistols can be attached to the back of the door with strapping material that comes with the safe.

Wall Safes

LockState LS-52EN Large Digital Wall Safe

LockState LS-52EN Large Digital Wall Safe

In many ways, this wall safe is much like the PS-1522; but whereas the PWS-1522 comes in black, this safe comes in grey-white color. Its dimensions are almost the same as the PWS safe, except it is 2 inches shorter. It is also slightly heavier at 33.6 lbs. Though it has an internal depth of about 3.35 inches, due to the locking mechanism taking up space internally, the effective depth for the middle one-third of the safe is just 1.5 inches. But even with that restriction, there is plenty of space for documents and other valuables, including a handgun.

SentrySafe 7150 Dual Protection Wall Safe

With a volume of 670 Cubic Inches, this safe comes with a key and lock mechanism. The safe is well built, and its strength is ensured by its construction as well as the use of rugged 16-gauge steel. Its interior dimensions are 13 7/8″(W) x 3 3/4″(D) x 13 7/8″(H). Apart from the lock and key, this security safe also comes with a three-number combination lock, hence the name Dual Protection Wall Safe. Of the many customer reviews of different home wall safes, the reviews of this wall safe were much more positive.

Secure Logic 20720 Keypad Wall Vault

Secure Logic 20720 is a black colored wall safe with a stainless steel construction. It is slightly larger than the safes that have been reviewed here, with a weight of 52 lbs, and dimensions of 26”(H) x 6 3/4”(D) x 21 3/4“(W). It comes with a customizable picture frame, which is colored black too, like the safe. The safe comes with a remote that is used to enter the PIN to open the safe. Internally, there are two customizable shelves, which make it easy to store different documents and other valuables. Its price is also in the upper end of the models reviewed here.

BestChoiceproducts’ New Brand New Heavy Duty WS560

Its complete name is BestChoiceproducts’ Brand New Heavy Duty WS560 Electronic Digital Flat Panel Wall Safe. As the name suggests, this is a white flat paneled electronic safe that can prove one of the most elegant wall safes for any home. Its electronic lock can be programmed with a PIN of up to 8 numbers. As with other electronic wall safes for the home, WS560 too requires batteries, it also comes with 4 AA batteries.

Quarter Master 7700 Digital Keypad Premium Wall Safe

This white wall safe by Paragon is one of the sturdiest models reviewed here. Its programmable electronic lock includes a buzzer and a LED, which only adds to the safe’s security in case anyone fiddles with it. Apart from installation in a home, this safe is suitable for installation in offices too. The insides of the safe contain pre-drilled holes that allow anchoring of shelves. One of the most attractive features of the Quarter Master 7700 is its 10 year warranty. Even with all these features, its price is hardly more than average.

Gardall WS1314EK

Gardell is known for its premium quality safes, and Gardall WS1314EK is no exception. This wall safe comes with dual security feature, in the form of a key lock as well as a digital locking mechanism. Weighing at 26 lbs, it is one of the lighter wall safes. Its depth is 4 inches, which is larger than many other safes. All these features come at a price, and the Gardell WS1314K is one of the costlier models.

Like other products, you can usually get a discount if you order from a retailer with wall safes for sale. Note that not all wall safes are fireproof; of the ones that are reviewed here, you should check whether they are fireproof wall safes or not.

Once you have installed a wall safe in your home and office, you are secure in the knowledge that no one can just walk into your room or office and walk away with valuables. The relief alone should be worth much more than the cost of any of these wall safes.

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