What to Do With Your Broken PS3

If you’ve had your PlayStation 3 for a while, you may have experienced damage. Perhaps you have moved recently and the box got dropped. Perhaps you have small children, siblings, or nieces and nephews who don’t understand that a PlayStation is not the kind of toy they can take around the house. Whatever the case, PS3 repair is rarely something you can do on your own, but you probably want to avoid the cost of buying a new one. Fortunately, there are people who have been trained to fix these kinds of damages and help you get your PS3 running smoothly once again. As long as you know what you’re looking for, and follow a few simple steps, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Is Your PS3 Really Broken?

While this may seem like a silly question, there are things that can mimic damage. Check to see if the power cord is still connected to the wall and the device, and check to make sure that the cords connecting your PS3 to your television are in the right order! Occasionally, someone might accidentally yank out the cord and then put it back in the wrong spot. You should also check to see if another disc works; perhaps it is not your PS3 that is damaged, but your game or video. Asking someone to fix something that isn’t broken is a waste of time and money on your part, and a waste of time and energy on theirs. If you have checked for the normal things and still believe your PS3 has been damaged, then it’s time to make a call.

Types of Damage

While a PS3 may seem sturdy, it’s actually just as fragile and fiddly as any other electronic device. The damage may be to the power cord — in which case the cord would need to be replaced, as there is no true, permanent way to fix it — or it could be internal. Like any device which plays discs, there is a laser inside, and the laser might have been jostled or burned out for some reason. If you saw the yellow light of death, there is a problem with your motherboard, possibly as a result of overheating, but it could be a more serious problem at work. There are other, less simply explained reasons for your your PS3 to stop working, as your game system is more or less like a computer.

What to Expect

You can find PS3 repair services online, which are often more legitimate than finding someone in town. If the website makes guarantees, you should expect those guarantees to be met unless extenuating circumstances — or heavy damage — interfere. If that is the case, you should expect full disclosure. You should not expect to get your game system back within a couple of hours, as that often would be impossible. You should expect prompt, quality service and answers to any questions you might have. Most importantly, you should expect to be satisfied by the services rendered; after all, you will be able to play your favorite game again.

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