Concrete Garage Floor Paint

If you have ever stepped on a puddle of water sitting on an oil stain you know how dangerous a concrete floor can be.  This is the best way to understand the term “my feet went out from under me.”  Water and oil don’t mix and this is definitely true when you try to mix them on your garage floor. As we’ll see, the right concrete garage floor paint is the answer.

The garage is actually one of the worst places for slips and falls in the home after the tub, which of course is the worse.  The problem with slipping in the garage is there are so many ways to hit your head and cause permanent damage.  If you fall backward you can hit the posterior area of the skull directly on the unforgiving floor.  This will cause your brain to strike the back of its protective cavity with enough force to do damage.  You may also crack the skull bones but the real problem is the trauma inflected on your brain.

You can also fall and hit your head on the car, again an object that is going to be unforgiving, or some other item like a work bench or lawn mower.  Usually there are lots of potential items to strike when you fall in the garage.  Of course, you also may “only” break your arm or leg if you slip but still this can be very traumatic.

Concrete Garage Floor PaintThe best way to protect yourself from this potential catastrophe is to apply a good garage floor paint with an anti-slip additive.  You want to choose a paint that is actually designed for concrete floors because it will be specially formulated to stick to the hard, smooth surface.  Regular house paint will wear off very quickly with the vehicle and foot traffic.  Also, it is very important the paint has an additive to stop slips.  This may be mixed in with the product before it is spread on the floor or, more commonly, it is cast on the surface after the paint has been rolled out.  This material is gritty which gives good traction even when a little water and oil is mixed.

You don’t want to use sea sand because of the salt content which can be a problem.  Applying a coating of concrete garage floor paint is a really simple weekend project and it can possibly save you from an unforgiving accident.

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