Top Five Window Locks

The security of your home should be one of the first concerns in your mind when it comes to protecting your family and belongings, but many people forget that window locks are just as important as door locks. Properly locked windows can provide an excellent deterrent to burglary. There are many different types of window locks available on the market and the type you choose should be largely dependent on the style of window in your home. Sash locks and sliding locks are by far the most common, but they are not the only style of locks available.

Here we will have a look at five major styles of window lock along with some suggestions for brands that are both popular and well respected. This should help you make an informed decision concerning which types of locks you should place on your windows, since many homes feature several different kinds of window.

1. Sliding Window Locks

Sliding windows are popular as they prevent the window from being opened by being forced inward or outward. A sliding window lock is permanently installed and features mounts on either side of the track with a wing nut that will allow the lock to be placed securely. For non-permanent locks, the wing nut is absent, which allows the owner the choice to leave the window open but still locked into place past a certain point. These locks offer moderate security when they are installed properly; some of the most popular brands of sliding locks include Prime Line, Franklin and Master Lock all of which place an emphasis on quality.

2. Sash Window Locks

This style of lock is designed to be most effective when installed on double hung windows. It is placed at the side of the window on top of the lower window and bored into the upper window. Some models feature a knob that is turned in order to unlock it, while others may need a key that is inserted. Key varieties offer more security but also carry the risk of being permanently locked if the key is lost. One of the main benefits of sash window locks is that they are available in many different finishes so they blend perfectly into the window, rather than sliding locks, which are often painfully obvious plastic additions to any windowsill. Stanley Hardware, Battalion and National Hardware sash locks are three well known market leaders you may want to try out.

3. Hinged Sliding Window Locks

Another functional model of lock for a double hung window is the hinged sliding lock. When this lock is fitted correctly and activated, it prevents the window from being fully opened, while still maintaining the ability to allow a breeze to blow through the house. This style of lock is perfect for anyone who want to retain a level of security even when the windows are opened. The locking mechanism is usually created entirely of metal and locks into place when the window is opened, leaving it unnoticed until it is time to close the window. Decor options are usually limited to the finish of the metal used to create the lock. Mag Engineering and ERA are well known brands which produce locks of this type but also supply a massive range of other options for home security.

Window Locks4. UPVC Window Locks

If you have UPVC windows installed in your home, you may be wondering what security measures are available to you. What you may not realize is that most UPVC windows have locking mechanisms built into the window. This feature means no additional hardware will need to be installed. If you are not sure how to operate the locking mechanism on your UPVC windows, contact the manufacturer to receive further instructions. If you absolutely must install some kind of additional locking mechanism, you still need to speak with the manufacturer to learn what kinds of locks would be best used for this style of window.

5. Window Latch Locks

This is the most common type of lock for homeowners and is generally what is installed in many different types of windows. This lock features a groove, which is attached to one window and a hinge that is attached to the other. When the windows are closed, the hinge can be swiveled into the groove to lock it into place. This style of lock has been used on windows for hundreds of years and is a relatively cheap solution to window security, but does not secure the window when it is open. Equally, unless the hinge is locked in place with a key locking system, the latch can be lifted easily if the window is broken.

As you can see, there are several different varieties of locks designed for use on many different window types. The type of lock you choose for the security of your home should ultimately be decided on the type of windows you have, as well as your budget. Some locks are more expensive to install than others, so keep this in mind when making your purchase. Ultimately, the safety of your family and home should not be compromised by trying to save a few dollars here and there, so if a certain style of lock makes you feel more safe, utilize it instead of a cheaper method. You may even benefit from reduced insurance premiums if a certain level of security is maintained.

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