Window Security Bars

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Window security bars provide real protection for both homeowners and business owners. Every structure has weak points when it comes to security. Windows and doors should be considered high-priority and should be strengthened whenever possible.

Sterling Corp Burglar Bars Range

A window security bar is designed to keep intruders from entering by breaking a window and work equally well to prevent someone from busting down a door. Windows and doors can be secured with bars for protection against intruders, but they also service to provide protection from falls from high windows for young children. The John Sterling 3Bar Window Guard with fixed bars is designed specifically for consumers living in high-rise apartments and condominiums. As the name implies it is constructed with three fixed bars and is sold with mounting hardware for easy installation. A window screen cannot deliver the amount of protection as a barred window can. It is generally recommended to be a good idea to bar any window that is 12 feet off the ground or higher for the purposes of fall prevention.

Home window security bars are easy to find when shopping online. Many brands can be seen in just a matter of a few minutes. The selections are quite varied with options like infrared technology, low-light capabilities, pan and tilt plus wide view and even microphones. With numerous sites offering free shipping there has never been a better time to shop.

Our world today is never as safe as most people like to think. Many individuals have aging parents and relatives who could benefit from security bars. Criminals have been known to prey on senior citizens; however, with a little prevention this can sometimes be avoided.

Basement window security bars such as Sterling Corp Burglar Bars are manufactured for use in basements, as well as garages and in homes. Constructed of steel bars 3/8″ thick and weighing at 34 pounds these bars are made to withstand any abuse. Heavy duty and durable they are also adjustable. Most security bars are designed to be placed either on the outside or inside of any window.

Guardian Angel Window Guard Range

Home window security bars have come a long way since the last century. Most can hardly be seen once installed. One such product is the Guardian Angel guard for windows. Constructed with spacing of only four inches wide it is suitable for children 10 years and older. Reviews online are very positive with one owner stating she could hardly see it once mounted. Parents claim they feel they can sleep easier knowing the children are safe at night.

Window Security Bars

Guardian Angel Window Guard

Prices are moderate with most security bars selling for under $100. For unique-sized windows or a very large window, the price may be higher. Consumers realize the importance of maintaining the security of their homes and most desire a high quality, well-made product.

A smart consumer will do a little research and read online reviews to find the best option for their particular needs. Price is a consideration; however, bars should fit well and work well. Many are designed with safety latches for easy removal in the case of an emergency. For installation in high-rise buildings, consumers will need to read all package information carefully. Some bars that are designed to protect children from falls from high places are not easily removable and are not recommended for bedrooms where you might need to get out quickly from in the event of a fire for example.

Kidco Mesh Window Guard

Consumers looking for a more attractive solution while protecting their family at the same time should consider Kidco Mesh security bars for windows. It is as strong as a metal bar but from the outside it appears as part of the window treatment. Babies and young children are notorious for getting caught in window blinds and treatments. By installing this mesh guard, you can ensure that your child will never be able to touch the window blinds. Second story windows are also a concern for mothers with young children. This is easy to install and the reviews have been quite positive. Prevention is worth a pound of cure and this saying has never been truer than when speaking of children.

Sliding glass doors pose a special threat, as they seem somewhat vulnerable. Luckily, for consumers today, there are several options available for purchase. The Strybuc Charlie Window Bar is proving to be worth its weight in gold. Many rave reviews are speaking of easy assembly and a feeling of security once installed. Some bars may need to be trimmed to fit each window precisely.

Typically, window security bars are most often constructed of high-quality products such as steel and wrought iron; these bars are designed to last through many years. Crimes are consistent in some areas and for those homeowners safety is a very serious consideration. Safeguard your family and your belongings with durable and reliable security bars. You can rest assured that everyone in your home, whether on a bottom floor or in a basement, is safe, secure and adequately protected.

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