Choosing the Best Wired Home Security System

There has been an ongoing debate on whether a wireless or wired home security system offers better features and security.  In the end the ultimate decision will depend on your preference, installation requirements and your budget, there is not a surefire answer to this question. While a wired system requires a basic electrical connection and wiring that will extend to monitor doors, windows and motion sensor alarm units, a wireless system will use small radio transmitters for communication to the control panel.

Wireless systems are relatively new and utilize advancements in technology. While they are technologically advanced, many homeowners are continuing to rely on wired home security systems due to the fact that they are more affordable, less susceptible to interference, and easy to install. If you have chosen the wired model, it is important to research which is the best wired home security system on the market to provide you and your family with the peace of mind that you are safe.

The Honeywell 4110

Honeywell home security providers has been committed to the home and commercial security industry for the past 75 years. With innovations and advancements based on a focus on research and development, they have managed to saturate the market with easy to install, user-friendly wired and wireless products. Recognized as a company who have exceeded expectations on affordable pricing and quality performance, Honeywell has grown to become a trusted and reputable name in the home security industry.

Wired Home Security SystemWhile Honeywell has a number of home security systems and kits on the market, the Honeywell 4110 has been described as the industry’s most economical with a six-zone control panel that provides quality coverage for fire, burglary and other emergencies. With an entry-level display panel, this unit is seen as the perfect choice for residential applications and small offices.

There are a number of valuable features that are programmed into the 4110. With six programmable zones designed to cover entryways, exits, perimeter, follower, interior, day/night trouble, and 24-hour silent panic, homes of small and large sizes too will be protected and monitored. The control panel comes with a handy audible exit warning and tamper protection in the event a burglar enters and attempts to disarm the system. With panic features for both fire and burglar threats, you will have the peace of mind that during any emergency you will be informed within less than a second’s response time. Easy to install and affordable to purchase, this Honeywell wired home security system has rated top on the list.

The GE Simon XT Control Panel and System

As you may know, the control panel is the brains of your wired home security system. When choosing your control panel you must weigh your options and compare ease of use, pricing and most importantly the types of features offered. GE has been well known in the electronics industry for a number of years and has produced some of the best alarm system solutions on the market. While they are widely recognized for appliances and home entertainment, they are also a leading provider of some of the most state-of-the-art home security systems. With incredible capabilities and performance, the GE Simon XT has become a popular choice in home security.

The Simon XT is a control panel that can be combined with a number of different wired security systems to offer your a customized level of protection that fits your specific needs. With robust programming capabilities, including up to 40 monitored zones for areas including entryways, motion detectors and home automation devices, you can cover as many areas as desired with this unit. The compact design of the Simon XT may be misleading, because it has put a large footprint in the world of residential security products.

With technology that has enabled the Simon XT to monitor a family of sensors and accessories, and 24-hour battery backup, you will have a full level of protection that will fit even the smallest budget. The built-in digital voice commands make it easy for any user to disarm, arm and monitor zones in the light or the dark. Fully supervised and running on a self-testing basis, you can configure the unit to monitor every access point in the home and appreciate a great level of security and convenience. With features to control via your telephone, you can monitor your home from anywhere too.

In Conclusion

Home security has become increasingly important throughout the last decade. With over 75 percent of non-violent crimes being reported as home burglaries, it is important for homeowners to take proactive measures to protect their belongings and their family. With advanced features including smoke and fire threat detection, home security systems have become the premier choice in staying safe in the comforts of your own home. Browse the market for the best wired alarm system options and find a unit with the highest level of security features at the lowest price. With a number of manufacturers offering quality products at affordable prices, you will be protecting your wallet as well as your home.

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