A Comparison of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems Manufacturers

Wireless fire alarm systems, also referred to as radio alarm systems for fire alerts, have been around since the 1980s and have become an effective method of easy installation fire security in both homes and commercial properties. While they were initially criticised for poor reliability and battery life, advances in technology have made the wireless fire alarm system the perfect choice for consumers on a budget. There are a variety of wireless fire alarm systems manufacturers in the fire prevention and monitoring industry today. While each manufacturer will claim they are the best in the business, it is important to compare product features and quality to make sure you invest in superior products. With an in-depth comparison of fire alarm manufacturers offering wireless monitoring devices, you can make a well-educated investment that is not only reliable but also extremely easy to install for all do-it-yourself consumers.

EMS Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

EMS is a leading manufacturer of wireless solutions for both fire and security threats. Trusted throughout the fire, security and safety industries for over 40 years, both individuals and experts appreciate the superior quality and reliability EMS products offer their customers. Their systems are manufactured and expertly designed in the UK and distributed internationally. Each of their products has undergone in-depth research and testing to all but guarantee it is the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price.

While EMS offers wireless security systems, they are most well known for their own line of wireless fire alarm systems. Their line up includes the 5000 FirePoint along with the FireCell which are both cordless devices that are fully analog addressable fire detection systems offering a valuable set of features for all users. Setting the standard in the industry, EMS fire products are powered by alkaline batteries and can communicate with controllers using dual frequency signals. The EMS fire system components include ancillaries, call points, control panels, input/output functions, sensors, site signalling, sounders and beacons as well as voice systems. Easily installed in buildings of all types, these EMS fire systems free of cables and cords has become a popular choice in today’s market.

Wireless Fire Alarm SystemsUnitech Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Unitech is an electrical solution provider offering a variety of innovative products including the modern wireless fire alarm. Established in 1990 as a design consultancy firm, they later saturated the market with high-quality products and services as well as on-site installation throughout the United Kingdom. With customers ranging from Air Products PLC and Altair Filter Technology, to Nationwide Air Conditioning and PTR Fabrications, it is fair to say they have grown to be a popular choice in all products security.

Amongst wireless fire alarm systems manufacturers, Unitech is up there in providing the highest possible quality to customers of all types. While they are also known for cable installation, electrical panels, PLC control systems, stainless steel tubing installation and CAD design, they have become a popular choice for the purchase and installation of quality wireless fire alarm systems. While they are most popular in the commercial arena, they also service homeowners looking to secure their homes and maximize their peace of mind.

If you want to make your life easier, consider investing in the fire alarm systems that Unitech has to offer the United Kingdom. Only the best systems are used during installation, with the combination of control panels, sensors and a variety of other components. With constant quality audits, you can rest assured that each and every system will meet all fire and safety regulations. Benefit from Unitech installation and operate without disruptions. Wireless systems are not only effective, but also extremely quick to install allowing you to stay productive during the installation process. Always with an eye on quality, you should be more than satisfied with your overall experience with Unitech.

Cost-effectiveness of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless systems are most commonly found in larger buildings and commercial properties. These systems are the most cost effective method of protecting your assets as they have a longer life span then the traditional hard-wired fire alarm. Yet another cost saving benefit is that wireless systems can be moved without reinstalling. Whether you move locations or you are going through renovations, the wireless fire alarm system is a versatile choice that will adjust to your needs. Installation of a wireless system is far easier than that of a hard-wired alternative and it will take half the time to complete. Because wires must not be run, even inexperienced individuals can successfully install them.

Wireless systems from each of these and other quality manufacturers can be purchased online. Review the various models available and the amount of space they are designed to protect and monitor. With decreased pricing online, you can save even more overall when shopping the net. Consult a fire prevention and detection specialist in the alarm industry and determine the type of system that is best for your specific property type. With a number of different benefits outlined here, why wait?

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