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Two of the most popular wooden gun cabinets offered by American Furniture Classics are the ten-gun cabinet and the 12-gun curio cabinet. These are often compared to the Supreme 12-gun hickory cabinet made by Country Furniture. Each of these cabinets has its own distinctive features that make it suitable for a particular type of gun owner. Regardless of which wooden gun cabinet of the three an individual chooses, the result will be a pleased customer.

The differences lie mainly in the additional purpose, if any, the cabinet includes. Price also varies, with the ten-gun American Furniture Classics being the least expensive and the Supreme 12-gun hickory cabinet costing the most. You might want to check elsewhere, but it’s hard to beat Amazon on price. You can check out our review below, or click on the links below for further information or to buy.

American Furniture Classics 10 Gun Cabinet 

Wooden Gun Cabinets

Accent your den or lodge with the American Furniture Classics 10-gun cabinet. It’s constructed…

Wooden Gun Cabinet

American Furniture Classics 12 – gun Curio Cabinet 

Wooden Gun Cabinets For Sale

American Furniture Classics 12 – gun Curio Cabinet shows off your guns, collectibles and more in…

Supreme 12 – gun Hickory Cabinet 

Gorgeous hardwood Supreme 12 – gun Solid Hickory Cabinet is corner – fit designed. SAVE BIG!…

Product Details

The American Furniture Classics ten-gun cabinet has dimensions of 10.75 x 25.5 x 62.5 inches and weighs 75 pounds. The 12-gun curio cabinet from this manufacturer measures 37 x 13 x 66.25 inches and weighs 110 pounds. The Country Furniture Supreme 12-gun hickory cabinet measures 32 inches from the corner, has dimensions of 28 x 45 x 76 inches, and weighs 200 pounds.

Common features of these three cabinets:

  • Solid wood construction with attractive finish
  • Tempered glass front display
  • Felt-lined butt plate and barrel rest
  • Storage for at least 10 guns
  • Easy assembly or pre-assembled
  • Classic hardware
  • Cabinet locking features
  • Cost under $1,000

Features & Comparison

The American Furniture Classics ten-gun wood gun cabinet is designed to be hung on the wall but it can also be displayed on the floor when the proper support is used. Shoppers can also find this style with a six or eight-gun capacity. The 12-gun curio cabinet from American Furniture Classics adds storage for two more guns and features an integrated curio display area. Both of these wooden gun cabinets feature wood veneer accents, a locking cabinet area, and come ready to assemble. Assembly is relatively easy for each model, requiring only a few tools.

The 12-gun curio cabinet has a burnished brown cherry finish and features three adjustable shelves on one side for displaying shooting, hunting, or service awards. A storage area in the base is perfect for holding ammunition. Like the other wooden gun cabinets, this model includes classic hardware intended to provide it with a designer appearance. Scoped rifles to 52 inches and double-barreled shotguns can be displayed in both this and the ten-gun wooden gun cabinet.

Unlike either of the American Furniture Classics models, the 12-gun hickory cabinet is designed to fit in the corner of a room. It measures 32 inches from the corner and is handcrafted from select solid hickory, with no particle board included in its construction. The wood finish is a clear, semi-gloss lacquer that provides protection without altering the color of the solid hickory wood. This wood gun cabinet also has the distinct feature of a rotating turntable. In addition, six peg-type pistol holders are included- three on each side of the turntable.

The glass on the Country Furniture door is etched with an image of a trophy buck standing in the wild. Unlike the other models, this cabinet features a three-stage interior touch lighting that uses a 40-watt candelabra bulb, which is provided. Under the gun display are two solid maple dovetailed pull-out drawers featuring compound action rails designed for smooth operation. This wooden gun cabinet comes fully assembled but some retailers require customers to unload the item off the back of the delivery truck.

Each of these wooden gun cabinets for sale has its own features but all store at least ten guns behind a glass-enclosed cabinet that features solid wood. If the budget permits and there is a free corner in the room, the Country Furniture supreme 12-gun hickory cabinet is the product of choice. The light feature enables gun owners and visitors to view the firepower any time of day or night without having to turn on additional lighting in the room.

Those who have limited wall space will appreciate the corner cabinet design and pre-assembly is something that appeals to many consumers. This cabinet also features storage for six pistols on its peg-style racks. Like the 12-gun curio model from American Furniture classics, it features a storage area perfect for ammunition, a cleaning kit, calls, and an ear protection kit.

If the budget does not accommodate spending $1,000 on a wooden gun cabinet, the 12-gun curio cabinet from American Furniture Classics is recommended. This product costs under $325 and while it has the additional storage area similar to the lighted corner cabinet from Country Furniture, it also has a three-shelf curio display perfect for showing off the latest and greatest hunting awards. The lady of the house may want her own shelf to display a collector plate or teacup, but let’s face it, there is probably not much chance of that happening!

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