Wooden Jewelry Armoire: A Great Way to Store Your Jewelry

Organizing jewelry can be one of the biggest hassles, especially if you’ve got plenty of it.  There are many ways to organize it though, some styles are more effective than others.  There are ways of hanging your jewelry on racks, like one might do for a display case in a store.  There are also different kinds of jewelry boxes that can be used with varying degrees of success.

However, if you are serious, using a wooden jewelry armoire can give you both great organizing features and a wonderful look as well.

An armoire for your jewelry is nothing more than a convenient way to hang your longer pieces and organize your smaller ones into one easy unit.  Sure, there will be odds and ends pieces that you either leave out for one reason or another or have to put in another special place.  However, for most of your jewelry that you wear for certain occasions, a jewelry armoire is the best place for them to go.

Wooden Jewelry ArmoireWe’ve mentioned the wooden armoire above.  These are especially nice because they can come in a variety of stain colors and craftsmanship.  Older armoires were richly detailed and could be used as a piece of furniture in your bedroom space quite easily.  Now, you may not want to keep your jewelry in such a conspicuous place, but that is a personal choice.

The darker colors, like cherry and mahogany are the most popular, followed closely by oak.  Some of these armoires come with locking mechanisms as well for the drawers.  Ultimately, the armoire is a great way to store your jewelry and make it convenient to get to.  For more expensive pieces or heirlooms that you wish to keep safe, you may want to invest in some sort of safe or offsite storage location.

Home bedroom decor ideas that add a twist to your basic jewelry armoire include a wall mounted mirrored armoire or one that fits neatly over the door.

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